How to maximize your relationship with your collection agency

At Greenberg, Grant & Richards, we have collected millions of dollars for our clients through innovative and persistent methods, respecting only the highest practices in the industry. One of the most important aspects of our organization is the pursuit of excellence in serving our clients globally who demand and deserve the best care and attention to collecting on past-due amounts.

Our experience throughout the years has allowed us not only to excel in delivering financial results for our clients but for creating a seamless a process as possible.

Initializing your relationship with your collection agency

When you pursue a collection agency, you want to ensure that you enlist the professional services of a partner, not just a contractor. Depending on the nature of your issue, you will need to seek out a firm that has the experience and credentials to deliver a positive result for your company.

With that said, when you contact a collection agency, be sure to ask them what their efforts will be in maintaining a professional working relationship with them. A reputable agency will be responsive, and promptly return your phone calls and emails, ideally within one business day. Initializing this interaction will indicate not only how responsive they are to your inquiries but will be an indicator of how quickly they will act and respond during your case when contacting the debtor.

The first steps

To ensure the highest possible returns, your collections agency will demand a list of items that will allow them to most effectively pursue the collections process. Be prepared to put in some work on your end and provide them with as much information as possible. Some documents they may request could include:

  • The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the debtor
  • Cellphone numbers
  • Email addresses of the debtor
  • Nicknames, maiden names and aliases
  • Any known corporate information about the company including DBA’s
  • Names of the debtor’s spouse, friends, relatives and neighbors
  • Any correspondence you may have previously issued regarding the overdue payments owed
  • Documentation as to whether the debtor has responded to your debt collection efforts, and if so, how
  • Paperwork detailing the purchase, service rendered or transaction, including any date(s)
  • Any existing documentation related to the transaction, such as contracts, letters, or credit applications

Providing as much detail during these first steps will help your collection agency put together a powerful strategy to begin the process that will enable your company to seek the highest financial recovery possible.

Greenberg, Grant & Richards will enlist the experience and professionalism required to deliver a positive result for your company. Our tried, tested and true methods have allowed us to recover millions of dollars for our clients. No matter the B2B debt collection situation or where your debtor is, GGR has the corporate debt collection experience and proven accounts receivable management track record to successfully recover your money and become your long-term debt collector solution.

Time is of the essence; contact us at 1-888-961-1000 today.

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