How to find a reputable commercial collection agency you can trust

For many of our clients, we have found over the last 23 years that collecting on money owed is often a frustrating and inevitable part of the corporate business world. For a myriad of reasons, many companies fall behind on payments and invoices, resulting in the need for others to seek out the professional services of a corporate collections entity.

If you are considering hiring a debt collector for your enterprise, read on to learn the fundamentals about hiring a firm you can trust. Selecting an agency to recover or manage your accounts receivable is a significant decision that will influence your business.

The Basics of B2B Debt Collection

Debt collection agencies focus on reclaiming money owed to your company by contacting the owners of the unpaid accounts in a variety of ways. They will reach out to these entities by phone, in writing, and also via email.

For some extreme cases where the debt is substantial and way past overdue, collection companies may even seek legal recourse on behalf of their clients to recoup the money owed. If you believe your enterprise requires this kind of action, then it is imperative to seek out and consult the services of an expert debt collector with experience handling cases of this gravity.

Cut through the clutter

While there are many collection agencies that adhere and excel with the industry’s best practices, unfortunately, a few unscrupulous companies have earned a bad rap. There are strict laws surrounding all collections activities, and a reputable firm will avoid those tactics at all costs. Debt collector harassment infringes upon the rights of individuals and may result in legal action being taken and reflects poorly on companies.

At Greenberg, Grant & Richards, our agents engage in direct and honest B2B debt collection activities that deliver results and peace of mind to our clients. Our partners understand and experience first-hand the professionalism and integrity with which we do our business.

A Reputable Commercial Collection Agency You Can Trust

Just like hiring any other professional service or firm, research is an imperative process when considering hiring a collection agency. While many companies strive to deliver desirable results, not every agency is a good fit. It is critical to fully assess the collection firm and to spend time reviewing their results and client testimonials to assess whether they have the experience and professionalism you are seeking.

At Greenberg, Grant & Richards, we have helped our partners worldwide claim more than $100 million annually through our comprehensive debt reclamation services. Our mission is to help corporations and companies receive the financial compensation they deserve and within a reasonable timeframe. To get started, call us at 1-888-961-1000 today.

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