The Benefits of Working with A Collection Agency

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Why should you work with a debt collection agency?
Need to collect the money owed you? You might not be certain about hiring a debt collection agency. Greenberg, Grant & Richards Inc. can get your money back. Our policy is “no recovery, no fee.” If we don’t recover your funds, you don’t have to pay a cent.
We do business-to-business sales and work with commercial companies who have a number of past-due accounts receivable.
We can use varying levels of aggression depending on what you want.
Our commercial debt collection agency:
  • Works on full commission
  • Is licensed and bonded in all 50 states
  • Handles international collections in all countries
  • Is a member of the commercial law league of America
  • Has been in business for nearly 30 years
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Learn the benefits of using a B2B debt collection agency

You can always expect efficient work when you hire us as your debt collection agency. We run litigation efforts for clients who need certain accounts to be sued due to nonpayment. That way, we can catalog assets and execute on a lawsuit from start to finish.
The longer you wait to collect, the less likely you are to get that money. We move swiftly and efficiently. We can handle everything from first party, collections, soft audits and more. We know that you want to maintain a positive reputation without losing money. We’ll find the right balance to make sure that you’re making a smart business move.
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