Make debt collection easier with 3rd Party Collections

It can become difficult for you to get your money from clients who have seemingly fallen off the grid. What if the client has moved or changed numbers? What if they reject the fact that they owe you money?

Save yourself from spending too much time on such people and hire a 3rd party collections company to make your life easier. Calling up the debtor or sending letters just to remind them they owe you money can waste a lot of your important time. Save your energy and contact a 3rd party collections agency to help you out with your problem.

What do we do?

The 3rd party collections company can be easily hired by the clients to get their money recovered. These organizations act as a middle-man in the collection of the debt from the debtor and give it back to their clients.

Why should you hire us?

Can’t recover your money from the debtor? Tired of sending notices over and over again? It is time to stop and relax. Just hire us, the 3rd party collections and we will do the work for you.

Through emails, faxes or phone calls, we use every method known to get in contact with the debtor but of course, we do know our limits. We promise you to get your money back as soon as possible and save you time.

Our organization sends the debtor a notice informing them about the whole procedure of debt collection, the amount they owe and who they owe it to. This gives the debtor some time to evaluate the situation and get their response ready.

3rd party collection’s practices that are prohibited

Hiring an organization to collect debt does not mean it can go for unethical practices. The law forbids the collector companies from certain acts which include:

  1. Threatening the debtor
  2. Call the debtor at odd times
  3. File a case against them
  4. Ask for money more than the debt amount
  5. Use unfair practices
  6. Blame the debtor for false implications

The law around the world safeguards the interest of both the debtor and the creditor which cannot be played with by a 3rd party collection company. These organizations are bound to follow certain ethics and laws when it comes to the collection of a debt.

Make your life easier

Focus on more important things and leave the rest to us when it comes to debt collection. Companies like ours try their best to help their clients and collect the amount that they had owed to someone. The process may take a little time but we ensure our client a satisfactory outcome.

Our intention is to save your time and energy by hiring us because we have years of experience in the industry and have tons of satisfied clients.