Best Debt Collection Agency Houston

Collection agencies are hired for recovering debts that are overdue. Professional debt collection agencies reach out to the unpaid accounts in several different ways, including in writing, via email, and by phone. When there is no other option, they may take legal action on behalf of your business.

Even though there numerous reputable debt collection agencies, unfortunately, the industry has earned a bad rap because some collectors rely on illegal, harassing, or unscrupulous tactics for recovering debts. This should be avoided at any cost because it could poorly reflect on your business. Reputable agencies always follow the laws surrounding debt collection efforts, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

If you want to hire a professional debt collection agency, first do a research to understand what distinguishes good agencies from bad ones. It is vital to choose a debt collection agency that is familiar with the industry that your business belongs to and that has sufficient experience in recovering overdue debts.

At Greenberg, Grant & Richards we have highly trained and the most efficient debt collectors who are experts in commercial debt recovery. We provide our clients with online access to their claims. Contact us if you are looking to hire the best debt collection agency in Houston.

When to hire a debt collection agency?

In general, businesses send their accounts to a professional collection agency when they are 90 to 120 days past due. Waiting more than 120 days is not advisable because you are less likely to recover debts that are long overdue. The older the debt is, the harder it will be for the collector to recover it. Generally, you can consider hiring a reputable debt collection agency when:

  • New clients don’t respond to your initial attempts to collect the unpaid money. (The customer may refuse to pay when you don’t have a history of transactions with them.)
  • A customer doesn’t follow through the payment plan you have agreed to. (Clients who do not pay even after you have offered them a few different payment plans are not likely to change their minds.)
  • A customer has a history of being financially irresponsible
  • A customer denies the responsibility to pay their debt completely. (Such debts are difficult to be recovered without the help of a good collection agency.)
  • A customer makes groundless complaints regarding your business, service or product. (In most cases, such complaints are just excuses to get out of making the payment.)

Hire the best Houston debt collection agency

Greenberg, Grant & Richards has a team of professional debt collectors who almost always succeed in recovering debts using proven legal collection techniques. We deal with credit portfolios of all sizes. We always aim to maximize your chances of debt recovery by implementing our strategic plan and using a highly effective collection process. You can expect our support with every step along the way. The highlight is that you are going to get this great service at highly competitive rates.

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